Where to Trade in 2018: Sell Your Skins with Max Profit

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Do you believe that trading in-game items that don’t give you any advantage is silly? Well, it looks like you can’t do anything about it, as trading VR cosmetics has become a today’s reality.

trade steam skins

In 2017, the gaming industry generated an impressive revenue of $108.9 billion, promising to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. The most significant part of the sum is made up of mobile games and PC or console game copies, but the market of digital items – skins – is growing faster than anyone could predict. This becomes clear if you take a look at the number of websites offering you to buy your skins earned in game.

List of Most Popular Steam Skin Trading Services

Naturally, some services became more popular and successful over time, attracting more clients and turning into the most famous markets for CS:GO skins in the world. Users tend to gravitate to such services because they can rely on reviews. And if a service managed to live that long and attract many users, chances are it is a good one. 

Here is the list of five biggest skin trading services for your consideration: 

Now let’s have a more detailed look, examining every service separately.


Opskins.com is the number one website to sell CS:GO skins. Since its creation in 2014, the site has gained an impressive 12.8 million visitors. The website has also become a sponsor for many top-tier esports competitions, promoting the VR industry even more. Let’s have a look how can you sell your skins here.

sell skins on opskins

You can either log in using your Steam account or create a separate one with a new login and password set. The website also requires a two-factor verification to be set up. After that, you will be redirected to your account page, which displays the number of sold, purchased and listed items.

sell csgo skins on Opskins

To sell an item, click “Sell.” Your Steam inventory will be displayed on the left. After you pick a skin or item for sale, the website shows an item card and suggests a price. It also shows you the 10% fee for the service and your gain. However, these figures are just recommendations, and you are free to set your price.

skins trading on Opskins

Add the skin to your sale queue by clicking “Next.” Once all the items you’d like to sell are listed, click “Deposit items.” Now you have to wait for someone to take an interest in your offer since service works as a massive VR items auction. However, when the offer is accepted, funds will be delivered to your Opskins account automatically. You can either use them within the service or withdraw to one of the available payment systems. Note that you will also have to pay the withdrawal fee. 

opskins - skin trading services

The site also offers an instant selling function. However, you will have to put up with at least 20% lower price of your item.

Pros of using opskins.com service:

  • + famous and trusted service 
  • + vast items choice 
  • +extensive security measures

Cons of using opskins.com service:

  • -10% website fee + withdrawal fee
  • -Waiting for someone to accept your offer
  • -20% lower prices for instant sell option


This website also belongs to one of the oldest and most famous platforms for selling your skins. The total number of visitors amount to an impressive 2 million mark. And 2.5 years in business prove that this is a convenient and safe place to trade.

steam skins

The design of the page is somewhat simplistic compared to Opskins making it easier to navigate, though this is subjective. You can also log in using your Steam data, or create a new account with your email. It’s nice to see that the system warns you on the safety measures. 

csgo skins

After you have signed in, you can either navigate the website on your own or use prompts that appear at the chat in the bottom-right corner. Click on “You can sell items via this page” in the chat box to be transferred to your inventory. You can also get there by picking “Sales” from the menu. You have several possible options to sell your skins – put up a new lot to the global market and wait for someone to buy it, sell your item to a particular user or sell it instantly.

sell skins

The service shows the market value of your item as the suggested price, and you can see the average sale price (in different display modes it’s shown differently). Also by clicking on the graph icon, you can see price fluctuations during the past month. The sale fee is 5%, with possible discounts based on the number of items traded. As for the money withdrawal, you need to reach a certain sum on your wallet, which differs based on the payment system. You can check the necessary amount of money in the  FAQ section.

Pros of using bitskins.com service:

  • +large market
  • +various selling options
  • +handy design

Cons of using bitskins.com service:

  • -price lower than Steam market
  • -rater high sums for withdrawals
  • -a limited amount of payment systems available


Here’s another popular website for selling your hard-earned items. It has been operating since 2014 and gained nearly 80,000 visits over that time. As the standard procedure goes, sign in with your Steam data. The website asks for your email and trade URL, which you have to add at the “Settings” on the left. After verifying your email, click “Sell” to see your inventory. The website has a slightly weird screen adaptation, with your inventory being displayed in tiny font.

sell csgo skins

Again you can sell your skins using two standard ways – trading instantly with a dramatic price cut, or putting it up to the auction and wait for someone to take an interest in your lot. Since the site is not as famous as the previous two, selling your skin can take a lot of time. Also, the items accepted for sale need to fall under a long list of criteria, including limitations on the price of your item.

skins trading

The website has a handy filtering system, allowing you quickly find the skin you want to buy, as you can both buy and sell your items here. The sorting system includes the type of the weapon or skin, StatTrack and wear indicators. The website has also recently added new payment methods, making it more convenient to get your funds. If you want an instant cashout, you can withdraw a limited amount of money – from 5$ to 500$ at a time. However, this feature ads a 5% fee on top of all fees applied to your gain.

Pros of using SkinXchange service:

  • +convenient sorting system 
  • +two ways of selling your items

Cons of using SkinXchange service:

  • -an extensive set of demands your item has to meet
  • -additional commission for instant cashout
  • -design faults
  • -maximum withdrawal of $500 for instant cashout


If you want to trade skins quickly with zero fees, Skins.cash is a perfect choice for you. The website has been operating almost for two years by now, earning an impressive 2.4 million visitors over the time. The service also allows you to trade items from other popular online games, such as Dota 2, PUBG and Team Fortress 2.

sell csgo skins

To sell skins, you need to log in using your Steam account, no further confirmations needed. After adding your trade URL to your profile, the inventory will be automatically uploaded from Steam and displayed on your left. Just pick up a skin or a couple of them, decide on the convenient payment system offered by the service and click “Get Cash Now.” It’s as simple as that.

skins trading

Skins labeled with a ban sign are currently unavailable for trading due to their poor quality or overstock on the service. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to trade them – check in later to see if the situation has changed and the demand for this skin is higher.

csgo skins

The service has a bonus system – the more skins you sell, the more you profit from the further deals. Your gain from each trade is increased by a percent based on the number of items sold. Skins.cash gives you an opportunity to try your luck in giveaways – follow their social media to get notified on time and take part in the lottery.

skin trading services

The website has one more prominent feature – you don’t have to pay fees for selling your items to the service, only the withdrawal fees to the payment systems as usual. Moreover, there’s no upper limit for transferring your money, and the lower limit starts at only 1$. 

Pros of using Skins.cash service:

  • +no additional website fees
  • +skins trading is simple and fast 
  • +cumulative bonus system
  • +regular giveaways

Cons of using Skins.cash service:

  • -prices lower than on Steam market


This website is a prehistoric dinosaur among its comrades – it has been operating since 2003, and it doesn’t look like it will soon cease existing. Though during its 15-year history it has gained only 6.5 million visitors worldwide.

steam skins

Let’s find out how to sell skins here. The service doesn’t specialize in selling digital items only – here you can sell or purchase physical copies of games, accessories, gift cards, consoles and gaming-related merchandise.

csgo skins

You need to log in using your Facebook, Google or create a separate account, which we find rather inconvenient. You will be asked to provide your phone number as well. Unless you confirm your number, you won’t be able to put items for sale. The mechanics of the platform is standard – you create an offer with your skin and wait for someone to purchase it.

sell skins

Keep in mind that the price for your item should lie within $1.01 to $1000 range, so you can’t sell a Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore here. After the system confirms the successful deposit of funds, your skin is transferred to the buyer, and you get the payment, which you can later withdraw via PayPal, Bitcoin, bank wire or AliPay. There’s a minimum limit for withdrawal – 2$ for bank wire and PayPal and $100 for Bitcoin. You can get more information on the withdrawal terms at the website’s FAQ section.

sell csgo skins

Pros of using GameFlip service:

  • +a reliable platform with a history 

Cons of using GameFlip service:

  • -phone number requirements 
  • -price range limitations
  • -few payment systems are available for withdrawal

General Thoughts

As you can see, the top skin trading services have significant differences in functions and features. If you have time and means, check them on your own, or simply choose the best one based on our review. Now you can pick a website that is best tailored to your needs and individual liking, and have maximum fun while selling your hard-earned skins.



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