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A fast and convenient skins exchange website with pleasant design and easy interface. If you are tired of your skin collection, or finally decided to sell all your junk and get that Case Hardened Bayonet, then today’s the day.

The Release

The website was registered a year and a half ago, on March 2016. Service reached peak visits in April 2017 with 1.2 million total visits. Currently, the website is approaching this mark. The analytics was collected using Whois and SimilarWeb web tools.


The primary audience of the website comes from the USA, amounting to 11.29% of total visitors. Second and third places are occupied by Germany and United Kingdom.

Top 5 countries:

  • USA – 11.29%
  • Germany – 10.46%
  • United Kingdom – 6.05%
  • Turkey – 5.64%
  • Russia – 5.10%


The pricing system can appear confusing at first sight, so we decided to provide you with a more detailed description. At the bottom of the website, between your inventory on the left and available skins on the right you can see a table with Market Rates. Let’s take a closer look:

Market Rates

  • Key 96% – 101%
  • Knife 98% – 103%
  • Rare Weapons 95% – 100%
  • Weapons 90% – 95%
  • Misc 85% – 90%

The first value nominates the difference in price with Steam Market if you are trading your skin to the bot, and the second one if you are buying the skin from the bot. Here’s an example: if you want to sell a skin, which costs $100, to the service you will receive 0.96 * $100 = $96 for your item. If you want to buy the same $100 skin from the bot, you will pay 1.01 * $100 = $101 for it. As you can see, the rates are quite reasonable.

Withdrawal Methods

The website doesn’t allow you to trade your skins for real money, so there are no withdrawal methods.

Commission on

The only commission rates imposed by the service are those you can see in the Market Rates section.

Tech Support

We didn’t manage to find any online support or the way to chat with support directly. You can either write about your problem at the service’s Steam community or DM them on Twitter, but there’s no directly stated support contact information.

Why Do We Trust

The main argument for trading on this website is the fact that you are selling your in-game items to a bot, not real people. This guarantees the speed and safety of the transaction. Moreover, if you see that the elements participating in the trade on the website and on Steam are different, simply decline the trade offer. However, we didn’t manage to find reviews of the website on such platforms as Trust Pilot or a review section at their website.

Bonuses And Promotions

The website doesn’t offer membership and discount programs. However, you can acquire a 2% bump to your skins value if you add “” to your Steam nickname. The website also has constant giveaways on their official Twitter page.

How to trade on

Even if you have never used websites of similar structure, you will quickly understand how to swap your skins with the bot. The website is divided into four fields – Your Offer, Inventory, Bot Offer and Bot Inventory. They are separated by two information blocks – Bot Filter, Market Rates – and two buttons.

After you have signed in with your Steam account and entered your trade URL, available skins will appear at the bottom-left corner, in your inventory. If you don’t see some of the items in your inventory, then try to refresh it or wait. The service warns that only items purchased more than seven days ago will be visible.

Moreover, some of your skins may be labeled as “Overstock,” which means the bot has a surplus of them, and your items won’t be accepted. But, don’t get upset – the fluctuations of skins are incredibly quick, which means several days later they will be in demand.

The Process


  1. Sign in through Steam, set up your trade URL.
  2. Select the items you want to swap from your inventory at the bottom left corner of the page.
  3. Find the skin you want to buy, or click “Auto Select” for the bot to choose skins of corresponding value.
  4. Click “Trade” and wait for 10 to 15 seconds for the exchange to proceed.

Pros and Cons of Using

Convenient bot filterNo Online support
Immediate skins exchangeNo reviews page
Simple interface


The website is pleasant to use, and the transactions are incredibly fast since you are trading with a bot, not real people. However, there is no live support and opportunity to sell skins for real money and withdraw them. The website also has constant giveaways at their Twitter page. In case of problems, you can contact the service either via their Twitter or Steam group.

Skins price
Money withdraw speed


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