G2A Is a Safe Place to Sell Your In-Game Items

Author: Alex

The website is a huge online seller of games and in-game items ranking 54 at the gaming category worldwide. It operates on the principles of an auction. The site also offers a premium subscription with extended functions and security for your funds.

The Release

The website was registered in December 2001, and updated in November 2016. The global and country ranking of the service is impressive. It’s among 2,000 most visited websites in the country rank, and among 3,000 websites globally. The data is obtained from open web tools – Whois and SimilarWeb.


The biggest part of the visitors comes from the USA and Poland. Here are the top 5 countries according to the number of visitors:

Top 5 countries:

  • United States – 10.63%
  • Poland – 7.38%
  • United Kingdom – 5.64%
  • Germany – 5.59%
  • Spain – 3.74%


The prices are slightly below the Steam Community Market. For example, StatTrak™ AWP Hyper Beast (Minimal Wear) is $94.51 at the website, but $110 at Steam. The same skin without StatTrak™ option is $30.55 at the service, and $34.05.

However, we compared only a couple of items, and we believe that for some skins prices can be higher than those at the Steam Community Market. Anyway, surveying prices is the best tactics to trade your items with maximum profit. You can also see a number of sellers offering the skin, so the service works like an auction. The minimum price is displayed in the search list. 

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal methods available are Skrill, PayPal, Webmoney, bank transfer, and Bitcoin. To add each payment option, you need to get through a process of custom verification, which differs depending on the service.


The system of fees is rather complex, depending on the kind of item you are selling. Also, the placement of the file with fee list wasn’t very convenient so here’s the link for you so you won’t fumble through pages.

It’s worth noting that your skins will fall under double fee –first of all, for listing/updating the price of your item, which applies to anything sold at the service. Your goods will also be subjected to fees applied only to Steam Skins. Keep in mind that some fees consist of both percent of the product price and a fixed commission.

Tech Support

To get help, click at the “Support Hub” at the bottom right corner of the page. Then you have to choose the category of your question. Before you get to create a ticket, you are given a list of common issues to check.

At first, we clicked the Live chat option, with a luring caption saying “5 minutes waiting in line,” but it turned out that this feature is available only if you purchase subscription called “G2A Shield.” However, we submitted a ticket, and it was answered within 5 minutes, resolving our question.

Why Do We Trust

The website is one of the biggest gaming marketplaces ranking at 54th place in the industry-related websites, and we believe that this fact speaks for itself. Moreover, the website has a TrustPilot widget displayed at the main page, showcasing reviews of previous customers. The rating is also impressive – it’s 8.9 at the time of writing this review.

The website also has numerous social media channels and groups, making them visible and easily accessible. We believe this is also an indication of the reliability, not to mention the fact most reviews are positive.

Bonuses And Promotions

The website has a referral program, which will be profitable for users with a substantial amount of followers. You can also get a 10% cashback, but you need to buy a G2A Shield subscription.

The company doesn’t seem to hold any giveaways or competitions.

How to trade

After you have created an account, go to your settings and add Steam Trade link. Once you do so, you will be shown a window with selling authorization preferences. Three options are available:

  • Automated
  • Partially automated
  • Manual

With the automatic settings, you authorize to charge the customer and sending off the goods. If you choose semi-automated settings, you will be notified about the deal and will be able to cancel it within a settled term you specify while registering (from 1 minute to 1 hour). If you decide on manual settings, you will authorize the charge and dispatch the goods to the buyer on your own.

After you have chosen the preferred settings, go to “Selling” tab and Click at “Sell item.” You will see your inventory on the right bottom corner of the page. Choose items you want to sell. You can set the price on your own, but remember that you need to survey the market first. The prices are calculated automatically after your inventory was loaded.

Since the service is operating as an auction, you will have to wait for someone to take an interest in your items. After you have been sent a trade request, confirm it on Steam and Steam Guard. Your skins are delivered to your buyer’s account, and money goes to account at G2A.

The Process

g2aHere’s the process of trading in short steps:

  1. Create an account, add your Steam trade URL.
  2. Pick the items you want to sell, set a price for each of them.
  3. Wait for someone to send you a trade request.
  4. Confirm the request and receive your money to your G2A account.

Pros and Cons of Using G2A

Trust pilot rating 8.9No immediate wear indications on the preview of the item
A lot of social media links Complicated and rather high fees
Security of your account and payment methodsAuction system, which implies waiting
Trusted website with 16 years in gaming industry


The fact that the website has 16 years of experience in the gaming industry and ranks 54th at the gaming-related websites speaks for itself. We also find the site reliable because of the accessibility of their social media platforms and swift response from the support team. However, the fact that live chat is only available to users with membership appeared to be disappointing.

Also, since the website operates on auction principles, you will have to wait for someone to take an interest in your items. However, you can be sure that your money is 100% safe. Overall, G2A is a reliable service to sell your skins.

Skins price
Money withdraw speed


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