George “ZED” Bear and Zaki “Danceyz” Dance Join Infused

Author: Alex

After losing 2:0 to exceL in the first season of the British Gfinity Elite Series, Infused are focused on seizing the victory in the second iteration. The desire to smash enemies was followed by substantial changes in the active roster – George "ZED" Bear and Zaki "Danceyz" Dance have replaced James "redSNK" Littlewood and Ross"Trials" Campbell in the squad.

ZED is said to take the role of team’s leader, while Danceyz, a former CeX player, will become a new AWPer. The team coach Neil "NeiL_M" Murphy has announced in an official statement that the changes were essential to prepare for the upcoming Autumn season. Now the main goal is reaching the top 4 in Gfinity Elite Series, and then conquering the professional EU Scene in 2018.

Here’s how Infused active squad looks after the changes:

Aaron "AaroN" Hemmings
Aaron "frei" Frei
Mick "MCK" McDonald
George "ZED" Bear
Zaki "Danceyz" Dance


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