How to Install CS:GO Configs

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CS:GO Config Installation guide

Install CSGO Configs

CS:GO Config Installation

It’s undebatable that any CS:GO player wants to improve their gaming skills. There comes a day for everyone when they hit a wall, and exhausting training doesn’t result in any improvements. Consequently, gamers start seeking other ways of enhancing their results.

One of such ways is changing the basic settings of the game using a specifically designed csgo config file called configuration. Let’s figure out how to install a CS:GO config. The other way is buying/trading CS:GO skins.

CS GO Config is a collection of setting saved in a file in .cfg format. It includes gaming parameters regulating the size and form of your crosshair, click response speed, precision of the details in images, sensitivity of zoom, etc. All cs go config files can be put into following categories:

  • Client settings (graphic settings, assigning new actions to keys, sensitivity to click, etc.)
  • Server settings (these are accessible only to the server owners, obviously)
  • Scripts (special consequence of commands assigned to a particular key or combination of keys).

The most popular types of csgo config commands are next: 

  • cs go viewmodel commands;
  • cs go overwatch commands;
  • csgo gamemode commands

Using config files will allow you to adjust gaming settings precisely, which will significantly impact the result.

So, how can you install CS:GO configs? 

There are two ways to add the custom configuration. You can either create your configuration file or use a ready one. You can open files of such format using a text editor. Every line in the file is responsible for certain game parameters.

If you have a ready file, you just need to relocate it to the “cfg” folder in the game catalog. For the changes to take place, you need to launch the game, then open console and enter the following: exec “the name of your configuration file”.cfg.

If you don’t want to repeat these actions every time you launch the game, go to your Steam library, right-click on the CS:GO icon and choose “Settings.” After that go to the launch parameters tab and type the following command: -console -exec “name of your config file”.cfg. After confirming the changes, you will be able to play with the new configuration without constantly reentering it in the gaming console itself.

How to find csgo config file?

For this, you need to know the numbers that is inside your trade url.
Go to your steam inventory -> Click on “Trade Offers” -> “Who can send me Trade Offers?” and then scroll down where you will see your trade url. Example url below:

how to find csgo config

How to make a csgo config?

Now you need to remember the number that is next to “partner=”. 

CS:GO config file location, in such example, will be next: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/36296755/730/local/cfg

csgo config location

CS:GO config location

Most useful CS:GO console commands:

  • Load console on game start -console
  • Disable intro videos -novid
  • High CPU priority -high
  • Govern CPU core usage -threads [number]
  • Set offline server tickrate -tickrate [number]
  • Graphics options -fullscreen
  • CS:GO video settings -mat_savechanges




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