How to Rewind CS:GO Demo Videos

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CS:GO video settings guide

CSGO Demo Videos

CSGO demo manager

A demo is a recording of a game you can rewatch anytime. To find a certain moment of the video, you need to open a file in .dem format. If the game is launched, you can open the file using a set of csgo demo commands or by using csgo config file. Files in regular format allow you to not only watch a csgo demo but also switch to a player from opponent’s team and observe the game from their perspective. You can also watch the process from the point of view of the creator of the demo if you are watching a .pov video (hence the name).

CSGO Demo Videos

CSGO video settings

To play a demo, you need to activate a corresponding interface – csgo demo viewer. After typing “demoui,” you will activate the browse button and you are able record the game with your new csgo skins(see also – how to sell CS:GO skins). If you don’t want to type “demoui” every time, you can bind this command to a certain hot key, for example, to make “l” a hotkey for launching the video menu, type “bind “l” demoui” in the console window.

Demo Recording Tools or CS:GO Demo Commands

Press “Load” on the video menu to choose a video file you want to watch from the game folder. An inbuilt video player allows to jump to the required moments of the video as well as change the speed.

To record a demo, you need to type “record” in the consol. The file will be recording until you type demo_pause or stop. If you just paused the recording, not canceled it, type “deso_resume” to start filming again.

To rewind a CS:GO demo, find the “Tick” function, which allows you to jump further down the footage without raising the speed of the video.

“Black screen” in a recurrent problem while recording a demo. If it doesn’t disappear after a while, follow these steps:

• Launch the demo player

• Open file

• Press “pause”

• Start playing demo from the beginning

• Press “play” one more time

best csgo video settings

Best CS:GO video settings

If it isn’t working, try to change the file format and then change it back.



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