How to Rock at Defending on De_Dust 2


De_Dust 2 is one of the most popular maps in CS:GO because there’s no imbalance towards any team, the map is rather simple and allows a wide range of tactical moves. Our basic advice will help you make your first moves towards dominating at De_Dust 2.

Here’s the designation for the parts of the map:

de dust2 csgo


Starting Positions


Your first goal, when playing for counter-terrorists, is to take over long at the beginning of the round. To do so, you can send two players there – the first one is getting to the pit, while the second is aiding him by throwing a pop flash. If terrorists are inactive during the first moments of the game, you can move up closer to either bomb spot at the A-side or mid. AWP and AUG are perfect choices for this positions.

The third player is holding their position at short. There are two favorable spots, the one being further away, near the plat, and the other one is closer, near the stars. This player should always be ready to jump down to counter-terrorists spawn if terrorists start showing up. If there’s none of them, the player can try cautiously walk down the stairs to peek into the tunnel and gather some information.

The first player is holding the mid. His or her goal is to warn teammates about the enemy movements. For example, if terrorists are planning on a B-split, they are likely to rush through mid towards tunnels. Remember to stay careful if the opponents’ team has AWP. The fifth player sets off to hold B. The best position is further away, behind the crate (plat) with AUG or AWP at hand. It’s better to cooperate with the mid player, who can throw a pop flash, therefore allowing the B-player to make a couple of easy kills.

Grenade for Crossing the Mid


You shouldn’t risk at the very beginning of the round. Seizing the mid is a dangerous part of the game, especially when the opponents have AWP. That clearly means you need to hide your movements. Usually, players go for a smoke grenade, but it’s better to save those for later – use a regular one instead. The effect is just as good if you keep the right timing.


Smoke for the Box


Getting up on short using boxes is a neat trick. Moreover, the one on the box can assist teammate at the long by throwing a smoke grenade.


Overtaking Plat B


If terrorists decided to seize B, the actions of CTs are highly dependent on the info gathered earlier. Let’s assume your teammate saw enemies at the tunnel B. The players that are currently at long can employ one of the following tactics:

  1. Push towards B through T-spawn. This is risky, but there’s a chance to backstab enemies. It’s better, however, to leave one player at the guard.

  2. You can retreat to A to get closer to B. The drawback of this tactics is that terrorists will easily seize the pit and will be at the closest point to the A plat if they decide to go back.

  3. Don’t change the position, wait for more information. But if the terrorists decide to execute their strategy in that direction, you will spend ages to get there.

Tactics for Using Pop Flash at B


The perfect pop flash for taking over B. It’s better to play with your teammate, who will throw another one from the tunnel.


Here’s a flash for A, in case you need to retake the area. This will allow your teammates leave CT-spawn a lot easier, and you might score a kill if you are lucky enough to catch a flashed enemy off-guard.

Knowing basic tactics in CS:GO is the secret of success. Follow us to get new guides early!

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