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Loot Market is a marketplace website that started its activity in 2015 by selling only Dota 2 skins. The demand was high, and soon enough its owners understood that CS:GO skins are a must-have commodity on their platform. The team states that their primary purpose is not just making money, but developing gaming community.

The Release shows that the domain was created on September 2013. However, as we  have mentioned earlier, the website became active in 2015.


The biggest traffic comes from the United States. But the selection of countries is so large that it's hard to point out the strongest leaders.   

Top 5 countries:

  • United States 17%
  • United Kingdom 8%
  • Russian Federation 6%
  • Philippines 6%
  • Singapore 4%


The CS:GO skins prices are set by users. We suggest to take time and look up the prices on similar items listed by different users. Keep in mind that the website doesn't have a minimum price for the item (in spite of what the FAQ says) but it does have a maximum value for your item. The cost of a skin can't be higher than its lowest Steam price +10%.

Withdrawal Methods

Loot Market uses a G2A Pay payment provider which enables to pay with a broad selection of methods:

  • PayPal
  • G2A Wallet
  • Credit Cards/Debit Cards
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Bitсoin
  • Yandex.Money
  • CashU
  • QIWI
  • WebMoney

Please note that every method has its own fee, the final sum of your withdrawal and  the approximate time for the money to arrive (3 to 7 days) will be calculated at a "Withdraw Funds" page. Commissions to the payment service provider are covered by Loot Market.


Besides the commission during a withdrawal from Loot Market, the website also takes a commission from every sale, which equals 10%. It can be reduced to 5% with the help of loyalty program.

Tech Support

Lootmarket has a 24/7 live chat support, which is very uncommon feature among skin-trading platforms. We can outline as the service which has 24/7 online support as well, but we saw nothing similar on other services.  Returning to the Lootmarket, the window of the chat is placed in a bottom left side of the screen. The website shows that the approximate time of response is 5 minutes. We received our answer in 3 minutes which is a great result.

Why Do We Trust LootMarket

LootMarket is a popular service which is proved by the listing stats shown on its CS:GO skins browsing page. The company sponsors a lot of players, teams, and events. Besides that, LootMarket also has partners, mentioned on the website. They are famous players, streamers, and companies who openly support the platform. All of this was more than enough to gain our trust.

Bonuses And Promotions

The website regularly holds different giveaways, often a couple of them in the same period of time. It also has special offers (tasks). You get money on your LM account by completing them. Moreover, the website has a loyalty program where you need to collect "gems" by completing trades and depositing money. You can also get those "gems" from a referral program when you friends complete sales or deposit funds. The loyalty program can decrease LootMarket's commission up to 5%. As if the options above were not enough the service offers an Elite (premium) account with a monthly subscription. The Elite account will provide you with cheaper "gems', move forward your withdrawals in a queue, and more…

How To Trade

The trading process shouldn't cause any troubles or confusion. In case you get lost and won't be able to resolve your issue by reading FAQ, don't hesitate to contact support. They are quick and friendly.

The Process:

  1. Login via your Steam account
  2. Complete the signup process (adding email and trade url)
  3. Go to the CS:GO sell page
  4. Pick the items you wish to sell, set the price and add it to trade
  5. Click "Begin Trade" button
  6. Wait for an email notification and a trade offer from Loot Market's bot

You can retrieve your item or change the price at any time before it was sold.


Pros and cons of using lootmarket service

Provides sponsorship for gamers and streamers10% fee
100% secureAdditional withdrawal commission
Has tons of bonuses and giveawaysUp to 7 days funds withdrawing process
24/7 live online support


Loot Market is a secure, user-friendly website that will help you sell your CS:GO skins and receive money via various payment methods depending on your location. The service holds a lot of giveaways and has an interesting loyalty program.

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