SkinsJar is a Safe Automatic Way to Exchange Skins

SkinsJar is a convenient service to swap your skins automatically. This type of services is becoming widely popular, and the competition is immense, but SkinsJar manages to hold up to the competition quite well.

The Release

Since the website states “we are back,” it probably stopped operating for a while for some technical reasons. The domain was registered in December 2016 and renewed in March 2017. Maybe the comeback statement refers to the March update of the website. The analytics is collected from publicly available websites, such as SimilarWeb and WhoIs.


The website is popular among the German and Russian audience.

Top 5 countries:

  • German – 9.46%
  • Russia – 8.56%
  • United States – 7.75%
  • Turkey – 7.56%
  • Poland – 7.48%


The pricing is set similarly to many websites. You can see a table with market rates at the central bottom part of the page. Let’s have a closer look:

  • Keys 99% | 104%
  • Knives 95% | 100%
  • Rare weapons 95% | 100%
  • Weapons 90% | 95%
  • Misc 85% | 90%

The prices are average for the market, except for the keys section. How does this pricing system work? If you have never encountered it before, here’s an explanation with an example. Let’s say, you have an AWP skin that costs $100. Given the fact that trade rate is 90%, the price of your skin, if you sell it to the bot, will be $100 * 0.9 = $90. However, if you buy it from the bot, the price will be $5 higher: $100 * 0.95 = $95.

The website also has a warning in bright red saying not to overpay while trading, because the difference won’t be added to your balance.

Withdrawal Methods

The website doesn’t allow you to withdraw money from the service, you can only swap skins.

Commission on SkinsJar

There are no additional fees except for those you see in the “Market Rates.”

Tech Support

At the top right corner of the website, you see an icon of text bubbles. After clicking it, you are redirected to AbuChat, but asking your question requires registration, which seems to us rather inconvenient. The chat operates similar to Slack or Discord, with various channels you can join. However, you can see what other users wrote before you register or log in.

Why Do We Trust SkinsJar 

We didn’t manage to find any reviews on international platforms, such as TrustPilot. However, the reviews at Steam Community and Reddit confirm the fact most users are satisfied with the service. We don’t see how one can get scammed here – you are trading with a bot, not real people. Which means all you need to do to stay safe is just check the trade items you have picked on the website and the items offered by Steam bot.

Bonuses And Promotions

The website doesn’t offer you any membership benefits or discounts. However, you can receive a 3% rates bonus if you add “” to your Steam nickname. It’s worth noting that this bonus is higher than average, which usually amounts to 2%.

How to trade on SkinsJar

The website uses a wildly popular mechanics. You see two windows of inventory at the bottom part of the webpage, and two trading windows. The left one displays skins you have chosen for sale, and the right one shows the skin(s) you want to obtain.

Before you log in, you can see a short guide displayed in the “Your inventory” window. So, what do you need to do? As usual, log in using your Steam account. At the bottom left window, you see your uploaded inventory. Note that some of the skins may be superfluous, which means the bot won’t accept them for a while. However, this is not permanent – check in regularly, and you will be able to sell them successfully after a while.

After you’ve decided on skins for sale, check the bot inventory. You can use convenient filters to determine the type, price and quality of skin you are looking for. After that click “Trade” and follow a standard procedure with confirming the transaction on Steam.

While surveying the website, we have stumbled upon a feature that might appear as a minor nuance to you, but the devil is in the detail. Since the price of the items is shown with millesimal value, at first it seemed that Doppler Phase 4 for Gut Knife cost $114,000 instead of $114.

The Process


Follow these simple steps to trade your skins:

  1. Login via Steam.
  2. Check your inventory and available skins on the left.
  3. Pick the skins for sale and choose skin(s) of the corresponding price for purchase from the available ones at the bot inventory on the right.
  4. Confirm the trade at Steam and enjoy your new skins.

Pros and Cons of Using SkinsJar

You can choose a bot to trade withTo access support team, you need to register on a third party service
Convenient skin filterWe didn’t manage to find a review page
Nice design and UI


The website doesn’t stand out among this type of skin trading websites but works well regarding providing you with a fast and easy way to trade your skins. One of the drawbacks is the fact you can’t access the support chat right away – you need to login to a third party web chat similar to Discord.

Skins price
Money withdraw speed

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