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This trading platform is easy to use and convenient. It allows you to:

  • Buy skins
  • Sell skins
  • Exchange skins

You can trade your Dota 2, CS:GO and TF2 items. The website charges a processing fee, and the withdrawal can take some time. Let’s look closer at its features.

The Release

The registered release date is December, 2014. The website began operating actively at 2015, and it struck the highest attendance rate at the end of 2016. Probably, the website started their massive advertising campaign at that time.


About 90% of the audience is located in the CIS countries.

Top 5 countries:

  • Russia – 71%​
  • Ukraine – 11%
  • Kazakhstan – 8%
  • Belarus – 7%
  • USA – 1%


The pricing policy is fairly easy – website users determine the CS:GO skins prices on their own. Taking into account the 10% transaction fee, the prices hardly differ from Steam. The only difference is that Steam won’t allow you to withdraw real money, and here you are able to receive money using one of the payment systems.

Withdrawal Methods

This website allows you to withdraw money using the following services:

  • Yandex.Money
  • Webmoney
  • Qiwi
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Alfa Bank
  • Cash
  • Promsvyazbank
  • Alfa click

Note! Additional fees for withdrawing money or putting them in your account and may be applicable.


The website has a couple of different fees. The main fee is 10% and is charged during every transaction. This commission helps the website to ensure safety for the users who trade and sell skins. Aside from a transaction fee, the website also charges fees for funds withdrawal (5%) and putting money in your account (3.5%).

To sum up, the website charges the following fees:

  • 10% transaction fee
  • 5% funds withdrawal fee
  • 3.5% money loading fee

When added, this commissions form a rather heavy toll on a gamer’s wallet, especially for those who came to earn money.

Tech Support

Support operates using the claim (or ticket) system. You need to create a request, and wait for the administrators of the website to process it and respond with a letter to your personal profile. The communication happens directly on the website. We were a little disappointed after not receiving an answer to our question, so it’s difficult to decide on the support quality.

Why Do We Trust This Website?

We sold skins and received money, so the transaction was successful. However, this was a risky move, because we didn’t manage to find any mentions of the website on internationally acclaimed review services. Moreover, website links to social media lead to groups just as empty as the website’s design. If it wasn’t for the user agreement published on the website, we wouldn’t resolve to try.

Another disappointing fact is that we received money for the skins after 7 days. The website justifies such a long wait by the fact they are trying to protect the service from scammers and users who are planning on transferring money from one payment system to another. However, we advise you to use famous services, such as or opskins, which have earned reputation among hundred thousands of games around the world.

Bonuses and Promotions

The website doesn’t offer bonuses and promotional skins. There is no membership system with the accumulating discount rate and any other loyalty programs available. We didn’t manage to find any CS:GO skins giveaways either, it seems that social media pages were created as a pure formality.

How to Trade

The interface is easy, so there’s no chance you will be confused. You can sell skins quickly, but there’s no way to withdraw money right away. Also, remember about the fees, they will significantly lower the price of a skin.

Follow these steps to sell CS:GO in-game items as SteamTrade:

  1. Log in using your Steam account.
  2. ​Choose “Sell” in the menu.
  3. Chose skins you want to sell.
  4. Check average prices for your items and set a price of your own. The website will automatically display the money you will receive regarding the fee of 10%.
  5. Click “Sell.”
  6. Confirm the transaction with their trade bot via Steam Guard.
  7. Waif for someone to buy your skin. The money will be automatically transferred to your account on the website.
  8. Choose “Balance” in the menu, enter the sum you want to withdraw and pick a payment system. Don’t forget about the withdrawal fee. After that click “withdraw” and wait for about seven days.

Pros and Cons of Using

Simple interface10% transaction fee
100% safe5% funds withdrawal fee
3.5% money loading fee
Seven days wait for funds withdrawal
Horrible support


The website is easy to use and convenient, you will understand the interface right away. However, the service charges a few fees, which amount to a substantial sum of money. The website has a commission for transactions, withdrawal, and even loading money to your account. Trading skins here is safe, but you will have to wait around seven days to get your money.

The support didn’t answer our question, and we didn’t manage to find a platform to add a review about the website. We sold the skins and got the money though.

Skins price
Money withdraw speed


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