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Author: Alex

If you have dozens of Glock or AK skins and dream of a nice Karambit knife, TurboTrades.gg will help you implement that dream. The system is based on automatic trading, which means you don’t need to wait for someone to take interests in your offer. This is especially true when the skins are quite common – it may take years for someone to notice them, while automatic bot will buy them in a matter of minutes.

The Release

The website is new – the domain was registered on January 12, 2017. However, the website’s traffic has been growing ever since, and both the global rank and country rank are improving. The analytics was made using Whois and SimilarWeb tools.


The main part of the audience comes from the USA, Germany, and Turkey. The website has been acessed from 249 countries overall.

Top 5 countries:

  • USA – 17.17%
  • Germany – 11.95%
  • Turkey – 5.11%
  • Portugal – 4.88%
  • Romania – 4.72%


The pricing is defined by the service. Let’s take a look at the rates. The first value in the table below is the difference in price with Steam market if you are bartering your skin. The second value signifies the difference if you want to obtain the skin from the service, like sell and buy rate at currency exchange.

  • Keys 95% | 102%
  • Knives 95% | 100%
  • Misc. 85% | 90%
  • Rare Weapons 95% | 100%
  • Weapons 90% | 95%

Here’s an example to make the matter clear. If you want to sell a knife skin that costs $100 to the website, you will receive $100 * 0.95 = $95. If you want to buy the same skin from the website, you will pay 100% of the price – the same $100. Moreover, the service has its grading and pricing policy, which means you will be able to find weapons labeled as “elite” by Valve for more considerable price here.


The only commission imposed by the site is the one you see in the price rates above.

Note: you can decrease the rates by 2% if you add “turbotrades.gg” to your steam name and re-login. If you’ve done everything right, the rates will now be colored gold.

Tech Support

The support is based on a separate channel on Discord, which is quite inconvenient if you don’t have an account there. The registration takes five minutes though. And we received the answer to our question within five minutes.

Why Do We Trust This Website?

Though we didn’t manage to find reviews of the website on internationally acknowledged platforms, such as Trustpilot, most of the Discord reviews on their channel, as well as Twitter commentaries were positive. The transaction also went well. Moreover, there’s little way you can get scammed since the trade is offered by a bot. All you need to do is make sure that the skins you have chosen on the website match those offered by the bot in Steam. If they don’t, just cancel the offer.

Bonuses and Promotions

There are no regular discounts or membership benefits. However, the service constantly holds skins giveaways on their Twitter account. And excited tweets of the users who won verify the fact giveaways are fair.

How to Trade

Though the website might seem a bit confusing at first if you have never tried such services before, there’s no way you can get lost there. It consists only of 4 fields for trading and a table with rates, so you’ll figure it out quickly once you insert your Steam trading link and see your skins appear in the inventory.

After you’ve chosen the skins you want to swap, click the “auto select” button if you don’t want to spend time scavenging for in-game items of equal price. If you are looking for a certain skin, then you can pick it from the suggestions in the “All bots” window on the bottom right corner. Remember to refresh the page once in a while, because the items quickly disappear.

Also, note that some of your skins from the inventory may not be accepted by the bot because they are either of poor condition or are already surplus on the website. You can wait a couple of days and check if your items will be accepted now.

The Process

Follow these steps to swap your skins for something new from the service:

  1. Log in using your Steam account.
  2. ​Check your inventory and available skins are on the left.
  3. After you pick a skin(s) for exchange, the website will display the cumulative price. Now you can either pick the skin you like or press “auto select.” Don’t forget to refresh the offered skins once in a while as they are quickly swapped.
  4. Click “Send,” wait for the exchange to proceed and accept a trade from the service bot at Steam.

Pros and Cons of Using TURBOTRADES.GG

Simple and convenient to useSupport and reviews are available only at Discord
Immediate skins exchangeSome of the users’ skins are not accepted
Auto select of skinsUsers can’t withdraw real money
100% safe
Competent online support


The service is a pleasure to use – it’s fun, simple and fast. Auto select makes the whole process even more convenient. However, you can’t exchange your skins for real money, so we were not able to assess this part of the service. Also, the fact that support and reviews sections were accessible only via Discord was a little bit of nuisance.

In other aspects, the website is good. Once you get bored with your old skins and want something for a change, go to TurboTrades.gg.


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